MEOWY Christmas

Character/ Enviroment Concept

Our Concept Arts

We want our character to be a cute brown cat. Since our theme is for Christmas, our character will be an anthropomorphic cat who will wear a nice dress and a bow tie. She will have two feet and two hands and she will be able to watch TV shows and decorate the Christmas tree. Her ears will also be a key part of her expression of emotions, such as standing up or moving when she is happy.
We used a Christmas tree, a fireplace, and snow in the environment to show the story’s background. We wanted to emphasize Christmas elements since our central theme is Christmas. To enhance the Christmas spirit of our environment, we mainly used colours that represent Christmas and warm colours to support the feeling of warmth. The details in this environment are highly significant because this will be our main background during the animation, and the story will begin to unravel and ends in this environment.