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Cardessory Application

Cardessory is an application where card enthusiast use the platform to track their cards they bought and also engage with the card collecting community.


Application Ideation & Goals

As my friend, Ross Shen, and I are  card enthusiast and  Card Collectors. We realized that there was not a proper platform which allows users to track the cards they had bought. Although there was a similar platform called “Portfolio 52” , their web design and internal inventory tracking is not as user friendly. Therefore, we decided to craft our own version.


Our main goal is to have users be able to track what their inventories as well as allowing a platform to list their decks for sell on the website.


Rough Guides

We started by creating a low  fidelity mockup of our application. By arranging the important features within the application helps us piece each function of the application as well as the pages when navigating the application. After that we did a wireframe to navigate the pages of each section of the application.


Digital Refinements

After having the rough draft of the ideation, I start to make a high fidelity mock up for the application using Figma. This will help us when dealing with navigations and tell us more about what we were missing when creating each page and features.


Royal Blue


Light Orange



Light Blue



Dark Blue


Colours For Our Brand Identity

While creating the high fidelity mock up, we had to find a colour palette which match the layout of the site and our brand.  We believe these colours are modern for the present target audience for our application.


Final Results


“At first working with Andrew on this project (Cardessory) was a challenge… Mainly due to the complexity of the application. However, we are proud to present the final ideation of the product.”

– Ross Shen  (Developer & Co-founder)


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