Meowy Christmas


Week 2 – Sept 19

On the second week, our animation crew was assembled. We began the brainstorming process, looking into varying topics before settling on a mutual team interest. We end up with a christmas theme video idea.

Week 3 – Sept 26

For the third week, we make the graphics and refine our idea more and brainstorm some concepts for the characters and the environment.

Week 4 – Oct 3

For this week, we plan to make more content for the website and draft our storyboard for our animation. 

Week 5 – Oct 16

For this week, we finalized our storyboard for our animation as well as making time stamps for each scene and wrote more details. Andrew drew the storyboards and the rest were making the models for the items for the animation scenes. 

Week 6 – Oct 24

In this week, we try to finish up the models and model the room. We start making a few texture the models as well as making the UV texture for the other items in the room. 

Week 7 – Nov 5 

This week, we try to finish up the rest of the UV texture for the models. We also learn how to rig and skin the model to put it onto our own characters. 

Week 8 – Nov 19 

Finding sound effects and making textures for the animation. We also made extra animation overlays for stuff such as sweat marks, annoyance bubble, building/crafting animations, thought bubble.

Week 9 – Nov 26 

Start animating the character for each scene and altering some of the shots.

Week 10 – Dec 8

We animate the characters and check for any mistakes during rendering. Framing each shot for better quality.

Week 11 – Dec 12

Compile and edit all the footage together. Colour grade the footage and check for any issues with the animation.